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Pendo Partners with Monarch to Successfully Scale Implementation

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Pendo’s all-in-one product experience platform is designed to elevate the world’s experience with software. Employees spend most of their time and customers find moments of delight (or frustration) inside the applications they use every day. Pendo’s product experience platform equips companies of all sizes with the ability to become product-led to drive revenue, create more efficient processes, and empower employees. As demand for their products and services grew, Pendo soon discovered they needed a partner to help them quickly onboard and serve new customers.

Pendo customers include world-leading companies:

  • Verizon
  • Morgan Stanley
  • LabCorp
  • OpenTable
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk


The search for an exceptional partner to help scale onboarding

As customers began rolling in, Pendo realized they needed partnerships that would allow them to grow successfully. They offered onboarding services to all their customers but reached a point where they could no longer provide quality, on-time services with their limited internal resources. Without a committed partner, Pendo would struggle to deliver the quality end-user experiences they were known for, damaging their reputation and turning potential new business away.

To properly scale their business, Pendo needed to:

  • Delivery timeline products and services
  • Create a successful onboarding experience.
  • Continue to grow without jeopardizing their success.

“A few years ago, our success in scaling made us realize we needed partners to help deliver the same high-quality onboarding experiences our customers had come to expect.”

Jenna McLaughlin, Senior Director of Global Services, Pendo


More than a partner; a critical team member

During initial meetings, Monarch quickly showed that they were up for the challenge. Pendo saw how their business and cultural initiatives aligned with Monarch and felt that this partnership could help them scale to the level they desired to reach. Monarch not only found Pendo the consultants they needed to deliver timely, quality onboarding for customers, they committed to helping Pendo expand their professional services.

Senior Director of Global Services Jenna McLaughlin explains,

“Delivering on-time, quality onboarding projects is incredibly important as we grow and scale, both in terms of customer experience and financial efficiency.”

Jenna also attributes the success of their scaling to a partnership that is more like a successful team relationship, built on creativity, commitment to succeed, and open conversations to fuel growth.

Through Monarch, Pendo was able to:

  • Connect with quality consultants drawn from across the U.S.
  • Optimize customer experience with thorough, timely onboarding.
  • Receive support for future growth through a successful partnership.


A relationship built for Pendo

Monarch provided more than an exceptional implementation team and resources. They helped Pendo:

  • Find the most qualified implementation consultants
  • Deliver quality and timely onboarding projects
  • Support 50% of Pendo’s onboarding projects in 2023
  • Earn consistent top scores on post-implementation surveys
  • Keep Pendo’s customers happy and committed

In the partnership with Monarch, Pendo also found a teammate dedicated to helping the team find ways to grow and thrive while serving customers with exceptional digital experiences. Not only does Monarch eagerly approach each opportunity with a “Yes”, but they dive into each experience with a “Yes, and have you thought about this?” To Pendo, Monarch is an embedded part of their team and success.

“Working with Monarch really helped us from a scaling and financial perspective. Being able to tap into resources that are not sitting in-house here at Pendo has helped us effectively manage our margin and
think about us growing and scaling from a really strong financial perspective.”

Jenna McLaughlin, Senior Director of Global Services, Pendo

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